Pride of Pacific fisheries / by Francisco Blaha

I have known Cynthia Wickham and her family for many years now. Her vision, attitude and friendliness are part of the reason why I love Noro in the Solomon Islands, my favorite tuna town in the world.

Cynthia is one of the most positive persons I work with, nothing is ever much of a problem and her good will and good heart is only comparable to her great smile! We have worked together for years and I'm proud to have her and her partner Edmond as friends.

I said a million times that Noro is what fisheries should be in the Pacific. Locally based, managed and owned companies, that catch local fish and employ over 99% local people. I have worked with the Wickhams since 2000, they are always supportive of our common ideas, goals and hopes for a better future. I see them as part of my Pacific family.

In the following video, part of the Australia Global Alumni initiative, Cynthia explains her work and what fishing is for Noro better than anyone else could.

She is such a cool woman and I treasure her and her family's friendship, support and trust over the years.