If you are in Brussels, come to the Dialogue on Socially Responsible Fisheries Value Chains / by Francisco Blaha

If you read this blog, you may know about my interest in this topic and that I have been contracted by FAO to deliver a position paper on Socially Responsible Fisheries Value Chains. Coming from pure commercial fisheries and then compliance background this a broadening step in my career even if it overlaps (to a point) issues of IUU fishing. I’ll be presenting the work we have been doing for FAO with my colleague and friend Katrina Nakamura in Brussels. So if you are around come on the 8 of May from 10:30 – 16:00 to Room 1101AB.

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The FAO Sub-Committee on Fish Trade has a specific mandate to promote social sustainability in fisheries value chains, mainly the recognition and protection of human and labour rights in national and international value chains, and to collaborate with international partner organizations – such as International Labour Organization (ILO)United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and others.

While I’m never particularly keen in going to trade shows (I wrote about it here), theBrussels Seafood Expo Global is a great opportunity to promote socially responsible fish value chains and share experiences among different stakeholders.

Dialogue objectives: 

The Dialogue will foster an open discussion on measures for social responsibility in the fisheries and aquaculture sector with the aim to promote sustainable human and labour rights along the value chains.

In particular, the Dialogue will focus on the mandate from COFI on social sustainability and to contribute to the ongoing process on developing FAO guidance on social responsibility that will be presented to the FAO Sub-Committee on Fish Trade in November 2019.

The Brussels Dialogue provides a great opportunity for FAO to present the first draft guidance on socially responsible fisheries value chains and for participants to provide feedback, comments, suggestions and inputs. 

The programme for the day is here and also below.


The Brussels Dialogue will be web streamed to allow for wider participation. For more information, please visit Seafood Expo Global