The World's Largest Seafood Trade Event in Brussels (4-8 May 2014) / by Francisco Blaha

As you may imagine trade events are not my cup of tea...

The Brussels seafood show is the biggest conglomeration of seafood buyers and sellers in the world.  And while this particular type of people ain't my favourites... they are part of the deal. I only wish they knew more about the people down the line, the fishers and the workers their decisions affect. 

Part of my work portfolio is with a Swiss Government organisation (SIPPO) whose innovative approach to assistance, is to by pass governments and offer assistance directly to small and medium size producers in some development and transitional countries that pass some stringent criteria in regards sustainability, compliance and social responsibility. My work is to advice the organisation during the selection process and during the trade show offer them technical support around market access issues, eco-labelling and private certifications.

The package that SIPPO offers this companies includes a stand at fair, extensive matchmaking services, a communication package, support during the preparation and follow-up phase, a preparation workshop in Brussels and hotel accommodation during the trade fair.

There some key reasons i do this job (even if i don't like going to Brussels);

  1. The effect is immediate, with one company (2 peruvian brothers) they started with 8 employes, 3 years later they have 70, no other project I ever work hast that direct impact.
  2. I get he opportunity to interact with many of the regulatory decision makers from the EU that assist to the show (assist countries to implement their requirements is a key part of my work),
  3. I really like the people I work with. 

Furthermore they seem to like me, because the keep contracting me to do the technical side as well as to do all the publications involved , which I do with my friend Raul under - Freshfish - (Branding -Strategy - Design)

If you happen to be in Brussels come and say hello: SIPPO Pavilion - hall 7 | stand 7-1953, as you imagine being from Switzerland they are very organised and the free chocolates are excellent :-)