Webinar with the Expert Panel on Legal and Traceable Fish Products / by Francisco Blaha

A couple of weeks ago I presented the final report on the recommendations provided by a Expert Panel on Legal and Traceable Fish Products, on which I serve as a member.

On the 30 of March my co-authors would be hosting a webinar for those interested on participating. At the time  I'll be jumping in between transhipping boats in the Marshall Islands working with them on a SOP for that activity, so unfortunately i'll not be participating... but the real experts will!

You can join the webinar by clicking here: eplat.eventbrite.com

So if you have questions about Expert Panel on Recommendations for a Global Framework to Ensure the Legality and Traceability of Wild-Caught Fish Product?

An international panel of experts from leading seafood businesses, environmental NGOs,and scientific societies has issued eight recommendations for securing seafood supply chains against the products of illegal fishing. The panelists will present their findings and answer questions during this international webinar.

Beside me (the only non-institutionalised :-), the seven following experts participated with the support of their respective institutions. 
•  Tejas Bhatt, Institute of Food Technologists
•  Mariah Boyle, FishWise
•  Bill DiMento, High Liner Foods
•  Michele Kuruc, WWF
•  Hans-Jürgen Matern, Metro Group
•  Petter Olsen, Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and  Aquaculture Research (Nofima)
•  Steve Trent, Environmental Justice Foundation