Recommendations for a Global Framework to Ensure the Legality and Traceability of Wild-Caught Fish Products / by Francisco Blaha

In November of 2014, I wrote about the recommendations provided by a Expert Panel on Legal and Traceable Fish Products, on which I serve as a member.

I'm happy to announce that the final report is available to be downloaded at (a 30mb version) or from here (same report but on 5mb version for those on Island based internet)

The Expert Panel was formed by WWF to help envision pragmatic solutions to the challenges of seafood traceability, and to promote action to prevent illegal fish products from entering supply chains.  With illegal fishing still driving overfishing in too many fisheries, there is a continuing need for better coordinated business systems and government policies to put affordable and effective solutions within reach.

This report is unusual for two reasons.  First, it represents the thinking of an international and interdisciplinary panel representing leading seafood businesses, environmental NGOs, food science institutes, and independent experts.  Second, it recommends pragmatic cutting edge solutions that combine regulatory and private sector approaches at both national and global scales.  

But the intention of this report is not to "provide all of the answers."  Rather, the report is meant to serve as a reference point, and to promote expanded engagement and dialogue among industry actors, civil society stakeholders, and policymakers.  

The challenges addressed in this report are real and urgent.  I encourage you to take a solid look at its recommendations, and to join the growing international conversation about how to make seafood 100% traceable to legal fishing activities. 

Those in the Pacific Islands would recognise what was my modest contribution o the report :-)