You want a good MCS job in the Pacific? Compliance Policy Advisor for FFA / by Francisco Blaha

Good jobs on the MCS area in the Pacific do not abound, so here is the opportunity to bring new thinking to the biggest fishery in the world as part of FFA, a very unique and world respected regional fisheries organisation.

You may help us to bring something like this to reality.

You may help us to bring something like this to reality.

The purpose for this role is to: "further the development of strategic fisheries compliance policies of FFA Members at regional, sub-regional and national level. A particular focus of the position is providing advice to Members on compliance and Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) issues in the context of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).

And that is not small task, but you’ll be part of great group of people lead by really clever and switch on management. All what you need to know about this job is here, go for it… and see you soon somewhere.

The only negative that I can think about this job is that you may need to deal with me a few times over the year… and I’m not a pretty face (but I always travel with my coffee maker, and make the best -only- meeting espresso in the region)!