Back to Noro in the Solomons Islands / by Francisco Blaha

I like my job (even if some days I don't like working) and going back to Noro (the place that to me exemplifies what fishing should be in the Pacific) makes me happy.

Not a bad view to wake up for 3 weeks :-)

Not a bad view to wake up for 3 weeks :-)

I'll be there to assist the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), through the Mekem Strong Solomon Islands Fisheries (MSSIF) a NZAID funded initiative.

This consultancy is to follow up on initial training conducted in 2016 for the Noro based Compliance team in their day to day activities to build their capacity to confidently and effectively implement their roles, particularly in relation to CDS and CCS. I will contribute to implementing the capacity development road map for the Noro based compliance team. 

Particularly help them identify problems and unresolved issues and work with each of them to problem solve and build problem-solving skills. 

I'm going to a friend's place... (that is what it feels) and is a friend I have known from many years now, and I see growing in confidence and determination.