A man made tragedy, good UN support against Fisheries Subsidies / by Francisco Blaha

I know... like there are not enough topics to write about. But as you all know, I'm really against fisheries subsidies. I am aware that their disappearance will not be the magic panacea that will fix all fisheries issues... but at least will even the economic playfield, and that would be of massive help.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 7.54.31 PM.png

I'm so pleased that this message is been taken by the top UN bodies, and I know (from working for them) that they will not produce immediate results, yet they are like a glacier... they move very slowly but very powerfully. 

The message from Mukhisa Kitugi - UNCTAD boss,  may not be the most dynamic one but carries a lot of weight. Good on him for lending his support to the cause.