Back in Noro, Solomon Islands / by Francisco Blaha

I said many times that I'm very fortunate in terms of my job (and my life in general!), so here I'm again working in one of my favorite places in the fishing world. A place where at this stage I feel like home: the fishing town of Noro.

I wrote many times about it in the past, here is the last time communicating the MSC certification of the local fishery.

This time I’m here to assist the Noro based Compliance team in their day to day activities. Is a mentoring contract, to strengthen their capacity to confidently and effectively implement their roles, particularly in relation to Inspection and Catch Documentation Schemes. I also will contribute to preparing a capacity development road map for the Noro based compliance team.

My contract is with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), through the Mekem Strong Solomon Islands Fisheries (MSSIF) a New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade funded programme inbedded into the ministry. The programme has the overall objective of building capacity in the compliance team of the offshore fisheries division.

Needless to say, I’m stoked... is really the Happy Isles

yes... fisheries people

yes... fisheries people