Thank you all! / by Francisco Blaha

I'm the 1st one to admit that I'm the most unlikely writer/blogger ever. A grammatically challenged fisherman with some fisheries related degrees and almost no formal education in any of the languages I speak. And even if I think the words in the right order, somehow they come up in a different order than intended.

from the stats page of my hosting provider :-)

from the stats page of my hosting provider :-)

Therefore to have 21500 views out of over 10000 visits in last calendar year is a huge surprise and an honor I don't take for granted. You all very kind! I had no idea that so many people will be even remotely interested in the fisheries of the pacific.

I started this blog just to cover fisheries topics that I consider interesting (from eCDS and fisheries management to neural patterns in octopuses), as well as issues I’m involved professionally and care personally for people I knew. In general, terms I'm trying to bring a technically sound and (hopefully) non-biased information set, into some of the many realities of the fisheries sector. That was all.

I see myself an independent technical advisor, I don't subscribe to any views other than the ones I like, so I try to keep straight and simple, you decide if you agree or not. So I'm humbled about the positive responses I go over the last 2 years, and as this is something I do as "add-on" to my usual work, I apologize in advance for the random timing of the posts.

Thank you for your support reading this and for the many: "Ahh your are Francisco! love you blog man!" it means a lot to me!