First World Problems / by Francisco Blaha

A break off fisheries for one post... or kind off.

A lot of my work can be dismissed as First World Problems, Fisheries Compliance and Seafood Safety seems to matter more to the developed countries that actually collapsed their own fisheries or seems to be really fussy about their food... in many of the countries I work, the budget  for the authorities in charge of these issues is bigger than the one for Denge or Malaria...

So I get that cricism a lot... but the "first world" has its own deeper problems, and they are as well very good at neglecting.

My favourite communicator of philosophy, Alain de Botton put it very nicely in the following video... they may have a lot of "stuff" but they lack the wisdom that I have seen in the elders many of the smaller islands I work.

The more interesting parts (for me) come after the 1st  minute.