2 of May: World Tuna Day! / by Francisco Blaha

I love Tuna, perhaps the most beautiful, powerful and resilient fish in the world.

Me and Noro's town tuna

Me and Noro's town tuna

And I will keep doing what ever I can, so scores of people in the Pacific keep earning their living out of tuna fisheries in a legal and sustainable (sus"tuna"ible :-) ) way, and so other millions of people world wide can eat them. 

I owe to Tuna my life for the last 20 years. Thanks to Tuna, I can feed my family, educate my children, help my friends, support my extended family, I gained qualifications that made a better professional and if that wasn't enough, got to know so many friends around the Pacific. 

So, my full love and respect to you, my brother Tuna!