Permitting and Monitoring of U.S. High Seas Fishing Vessels / by Francisco Blaha

The US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is proposing regulatory changes to improve the administration of the High Seas Fishing Compliance Act program and the monitoring of U.S. fishing vessels operating on the high seas.

The deep blue is no ones ocean

The deep blue is no ones ocean

The proposed rule changes includes, all U.S. fishing vessels operating on the high seas, adjustments to permitting and reporting procedures. It also includes requirements for the installation and operation of enhanced mobile transceiver units for vessel monitoring, carrying observers on vessels, reporting of transshipments taking place on the high seas, and protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems.

All this requirements are standards for the vessels when fishing in RFMO waters, but the ABNJ (Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction) are just that! so is up to the Flag State to put the rules. In fact the lack of some of these controls out Fiji into a "yellow" card situation with the EU. So is interesting that that the US is now looking for comments before amending their act. (no pun intended)

Interestingly, they have included the South Pacific Albacore Troll Fishery

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