I'm always kind of double sided on documentaries about commercial fishing... While I agree in principle with the message, they tend to go for an over-dramatization of issues, emotional low punches, western type paternalistic overtones "we know better what is better for you" and many times very weak technical background...

These issues, in my opinion, do more harm than good, because they dilute the credibility of the people making them and more important; the otherwise good message of better management. 

Fisheries "crisis" is just not a biological issue, but a complex mix of politics (both from the "receiving" countries and the Distant Water Fishing Nations), fuelled by subsidies, lack transparency, budgeting for fisheries controls, and yes: "pure greed", among other many things... Is not just plain "bad" people taking advantage of 'good" people

In any case, this is a segment of a much longer doco (that unfortunately is not fully up loaded in youtube), but that I like for its straitness and the people they talk too.... some of them my friends after being working with them for many years.