While I REALLY REALLY love my work, I complement my life with other things I love as a much or more:

The Ocean:  Call it vice, meditation, being a waterman or simply being a beach bum... its up to you... I always felt more secure in the ocean than on land. In the ocean my destiny depends on me, in the land there are too many other variables beyond my control. I enjoy Surfing, Sailing, Spearfishing, Long Distance Ocean Swimming, Waka Ama (outrigger canoes) paddling as well as Traditional Outriggers Sailing and Wayfinding.

My Music: I have been playing music for people since the 80's, mostly DJeing at big parties and radio programmes.

I like photography... and my job takes me to amazing places

Life is to enjoy it... go ahead and do it

Chunks of wisdom:

I view science as a ruthless collision of originality & rigor.

Procrastination is the soul rebelling against entrapment.

Prosperity comes with four terminal diseases: debt, development consultants, obesity, and tourism.

Life is about early detection of the reversal point beyond which belongings (say a house, car, or business) start owning you.

At sea... fear is your friend, keeps you measured and alert. Panic is your enemy, it just kills you.


“Fish," he said softly, aloud, "I'll stay with you until I am dead.” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea