My TEDx Talk on Fisheries Compliance, Fairness and Us / by Francisco Blaha

Finally the talk I did in May 2015 is in Youtube! I'm really self conscious and talking to "non fisheries people" is always a challenge. But as a TEDx speaker is quite a soul search not just to develop the "what" are you saying... but as well the "why" are you saying it.  I'm already wiser then when I started the process and that, can only be a good thing!. My deepest "thank you!" to all the people putting their time on this, just for the love of it.

Coincidentally, while publishing this, I'm working in Papua New Guinea where right now the system I'm describing has started operating and I'm incredibly proud of how NFA (PNG National Fisheries Authority) has taking ownership and developed the concept. There is no other system like this one in any other country I worked (50 so far).